These patterns are quite evident in a body that has “disease” and is out of balance. Alterations in vibrational frequencies down to the atomic level is what in essence creates the diseased body and leaves a distinct signature behind. Tapping into these energetic disturbances give us clues as to what is going on in the body. Utilizing Applied kinesiology muscle testing techniques we can identify “weaknesses” in the body and ascertain what areas of the body are affected. Through a detailed history, blood work and examination we are able to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. Many patients have already been diagnosed but are not able to receive the help they need to resolve their condition or persistent symptoms.

Utilizing various nutritional remedies, detoxification protocols, and bioset desensitization techniques, we are able to energetically shift the body to help repair and heal itself. There are frequently dietary factors that either create or exacerbate certain conditions. Each individual is tested to measure their tolerance to thirty different wheat proteins, dairy products which can be isolated to whey, casein, or lactose, sugars, fats (healthy and processed fats), artificial sweeteners, caffeine, the acids of coffee, nitrates, sulfites, preservatives, chocolate, and other common food substances that are particular to ones diet. Offending foods are removed from the diet and the person can frequently be desensitized to the food they are sensitive to. Food sensitivities can trigger a myriad of symptoms including fatigue, headaches, joint pain, muscle spasms, digestive disturbances, numbness and tingling, irritability and depression and a host of other complaints.

Due to the tremendous pollution of our planet, metal toxicity is a common and ubiquitous problem. If you eat fish on a regular basis you definitely have exposure to mercury. Depending on your genetics and detoxification ability, your health can be impacted by mercury toxicity. It creates many symptoms including severe fatigue, abdominal pain, headaches, and frequently creates skin conditions which leave a rash behind. Other metals that people commonly have exposure to is lead, copper, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, barium and tin. We look for metal toxicity, and if found use gentle and effective remedies to remove metals from your body. Then we try to identify the source of the metal so you can avoid re-exposure.

Many people have exposure to a multitude of cosmetics and moisturizers. These products are frequently loaded with quite an assortment of chemicals. What you put on your skin will absorb into your blood stream. There has been a great deal of literature showing that many of these common ingredients are potential carcinogens. We identify if you are reactive to your daily skin care products and remove the ones that prove to be offending. Chemicals that weaken the body add to the toxic burden of a sick body. We want to unload any harmful substances that you are exposed to.

Stress frequently has a negative impact on the body. Thought patterns can energetically shift the body and create a physiological response. Through applied kinesiology and manual muscle testing, we measure the impact of stress on your body. If stress is a factor in your health condition, we utilize natural and individually tested remedies to help minimize and negate the functional negative affect of stress. Those that are in need of supportive help in this area will frequently see a rapid and dramatic improvement.

Structural imbalances are common with these various conditions and we help bring the spine and musculo-skeletal system into alignment and balance. Utilizing gentle manipulative chiropractic techniques we can accomplish this. For those that are in too much pain to handle spinal adjustments, there are non-force techniques that can also accomplish this same goal. Through detoxification and by restoring muscles to normal function, the spine will frequently align by itself and subluxation patterns will self correct as is meant to do when the body is well.

Our one goal and mission is to help get you well and bring you to a higher level of health!

Energetic patterns exist when there is
a disturbance of any kind in the body,
even more so in the sick body.




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