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My name is William Pettro. I am an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney, as well as a former Assistant District Attorney and former Police Officer. I routinely handle many cases, including those which are very serious, complex and those that are high profile and receive national attention. I am involved in stressful situations on a regular basis. I consider clients like family and expect to prevail for them, regardless of how difficult the situation. I have always prided myself in achieving phenomenal results and performing at the highest level possible. I am proud to say that I have continually done just that throughout my career.

Maintaining optimal health has always provided me with the energy, strength and focus necessary to steadily work and fight hard for those I represent. That’s why it was so troubling to me in July 2007 when I developed an inflammation within my inner ear that caused a variety of bizarre symptoms, which affected how I felt in a substantial way on a daily basis. The “buzzing” in my head, equilibrium feeling off, the feeling of congestion and fluid in my ears, nausea and overall fatigue that it caused, really “threw me off my game”. My wife and my children noticed that I was not the same. Environmental factors were also having an impact on my condition Although I am normally the last one to run to a doctor, I aggressively sought assistance from three allegedly prominent Ear, Nose and Throat doctors. Although I learned a lot about the sensitivity and delicate structure and balance of the inner ear, none of them were able to solve or even suggest a solution to my problem. I was basically told that these symptoms would likely persist for awhile, or it could be permanent. That was unacceptable.

Sometime after the onset of this condition, I ran into an acquaintance who worked in the health care industry, who referred me to Dr. Steven Silverman. Little did I know at the time, this would prove to be one of the best things that ever happened to me. Prior to my first appointment, I was cynical about what I was told Dr. Silverman does. I am not easily “sold” on things and it is my nature to be skeptical and to question everything. However, after my first visit, my skepticism turned to optimism and I recognized that this was someone who could truly help me. For example, during that visit he proved to me that my daily coffee habit was completely exacerbating my symptoms and preventing my inner ear from healing. As much as I loved coffee, my desire to rid myself of the inner ear symptoms was stronger and that was the last day I drank coffee. In a short time I noticed a large improvement as my ears became much less symptomatic. During my follow up visits we identified additional things that were preventing my inner ear from correcting itself. Contrary to what three top ENT’s told me, the problem was eventually corrected.

Through Dr. Silverman I have received an amazing education on the profound reality that what we eat and drink has an enormous impact on our energy levels, mental clarity, moods, sleep and how we feel in general. We are all genetically different and things we put into our bodies affects each of us differently. This has forever changed the way I look at food or drink of any kind. Dr. Silverman is extraordinarily gifted in this field and can identify things that are harming you that a traditional medical doctor cannot. For example, I learned that cucumbers, a healthy food, were bad for my inner ear and exacerbating my symptoms. There is no blood test or MRI that could’ve ever shown that. The same is true with the pillow I was sleeping on. Its important to understand that as a patient, you don’t have to trust on blind faith what he tells you. You see and feel it yourself as he conducts his muscle testing on whatever it is he is testing you on. In my case, simply removing things like coffee, cucumbers,etc and changing my pillow is what in part allowed my inner ear to correct itself and the symptoms to go away. Dr. Silverman also added in various nutritional supplements that not only helped in the healing process but has eliminated many of the triggers and sensitivities I had. Many of the foods that once bothered me longer create a reaction. And the ones that do have clearly been identified. Had I listened to the ENT’s I would’ve been forced to live with this condition and would’ve continued consuming the very things that were preventing it from healing, without ever making the connection.

It is important to realize that when it comes to applied kinesiology and muscle testing, Dr. Silverman is the best of the best and runs his practice like a true professional. I have come across many people in health food stores, nutritionists, people in the holistic field, etc, who attempt applied kinesiology. While they appear to mean well, none have the expertise, experience or skill of Dr. Silverman and as a result, their results or conclusions are flawed. Dr. Silverman is someone who has earned my respect. He genuinely wants to help his patients and cares for their well being. He is a true gentleman, mild mannered, low key and is not out to simply make money or try to sell products to his patients. I have referred multiple people to him and each have reported tremendous results.

You do not need to have a health issue to benefit from what Dr. Silverman does. Anyone simply looking to take their health to a higher level will find results from his treatment. For myself, I enjoy a level of health, energy, clarity of mind and vibrancy which allows me to excel in all areas of my life. I have truly never felt better and I attribute much of this reality to my experience with Dr. Silverman. I unequivocally and whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Steven Silverman to anyone who is experiencing any type of ailment or physical condition, as well as anyone who enjoys good health but simply wants to maximize their potential in life and take their health to an even higher level.

William Pettro

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